From an Evening in Paris to a funky 70’s Disco, we’ve developed and worked with a lot of various prom themes and decorations for number of different schools. With the input of sponsors and students we help create a magical night for the students to remember.  Click here to see what the upperclassmen did.  Can you top them?

    The props we use come in part from Grand Illusions, the school, the students and loaned items from area business in the same town as the school.  Because most of the labor comes from parents and students we can offer big discounts for these events.  Sometimes the savings is as much as 75% off of our regular price.

    Doing school events in this manner lets us have a chance to create and develop themes and products we otherwise would not be able to.  In reality, we get paid to play.  

 draped ceiling prom with centerpiece grand illusions